We are open!

We are dedicated to providing the best protection for our guests and staff at all times and especially so during the Coronavirus pandemic.

We have put in place a number of actions to help prevent the spread of the virus within the guest house.

Some of these may cause inconvenience and a reduced service for our guests for which we apologise.

We have looked at all aspects of your stay with us from booking, arrival and check in, cleanliness of guest rooms and public areas, breakfast, social distancing regulations and checkout.


We are accepting bookings made from the online booking page of our website and by telephone or email. Please give an estimated time of arrival where possible.

The confirmation email will describe the arrival and check in procedure and tell you how to find your room. The room door will be open and the room key will be inside.

Please note that we have decided not to open the Bollin Room for guests since this room is not en-suite.

Arrival and Check in

We advise that you wear gloves or use some other protection when ringing the door bell or touching the door handles on the porch door.

There is a hand sanitiser situated on the porch wall together with a paper towel dispenser and bin. These can be used to clean the entry keypad and front door handle.

Guest Rooms

Your room will be thoroughly cleaned prior to arrival. We will not go into your room during your stay unless you specifically request us to do so.

There will be a facemask for each guest over 6 years old in your room. We ask that these be worn while you are in a public area.

Public Areas

The Public Areas are the car park, porch, hall, stairs, landing and dining room. You are welcome to use the garden. Access is through the front door, turn left and go through the brown gate.

There is a hand sanitiser and paper towel dispenser in the hall. Please use these to wipe the door handles as you are leaving.

Similarly, there is hand sanitiser and paper towel dispenser on the landing for cleaning your room door handle.

If you need to use the stairs banister then please wipe it down with sanitiser as you go up or down.


The dining room will be limited to guests from one 'social bubble' at any one time. Guests wishing to take breakfast in the dining room will be asked to reserve a time slot. Alternatively, we will deliver your breakfast to your room.

The 'buffet' items will not be available for self service. We will serve you at the table with everything you require.

Social Distancing

We ask that you adhere to the social distancing guidlines whenever you are in the public areas. Please be aware that people may be on the stairs or landing.

We advise the use of a face mask for you own protection and the safety of others.


Where possible, we will take payment using the card used to make the booking. A receipt will be emailed to you.

Please remember to take all your personal belongings with you.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy your stay with us! STAY SAFE!